Kippax North Primary School

Governance Documentation

Welcome to the Governing Body section of our school website. I’m pleased we have this section and I hope that you’ll take a little time to learn more about us and the job we do.

The Department for Education and Science often refers to the role of governors as 'a critical friend'. I think the word 'critical' is too negative. A good friend is somebody who gives honest advice, helps, supports, encourages, challenges and celebrates success. So, I see our role as 'good' friends not 'critical' ones.

Chair of Governors- Councillor James Lewis

Councillor Lewis can be contacted through the school address.


Documentation: (Please click on the titled documents below to download them)

Code of Conduct for the Governing Body

Governance handbook

Kippax North Governor's Declaration of Interests 2020-21

BLP Scheme of Delegation- March 2021


Company Documentation

All company documentation relating to The Brigshaw Learning Partnership including:

  • Current memorandum of association
  • Articles of association
  • Funding agreement
  • Annual accounts
  • Register of interests for the accounting officer

can be found here on our Brigshaw Learning Partnership website