Pupil Leaders



We firmly believe in the pupil voice and provide many opportunities where children can get involved and really make a difference. Our school is split in to 'Seams' which allow us to learn and support each other in cross phase groups with the recognition that we are all part of our larger school family.



Name Motto Linked Colliery
Swallow Wood Flying high Primrose Hill
Haigh Moor Live the SEAM Allerton Bywater
Flockton Sempur sur sum Peckfield
Gascoigne Grow Gascoigne grow Gascoigne Drift Mine
Denby Dale We put the team in SEAM Ledston Luck


SEAM Leaders

SEAM Leaders are voted for democratically by their peers and form the School Council.

SEAM Deputies are responsible for the reward system and assisting their SEAM Leader with school events.


School Council: Elliot, Jessica, Emily, Jack, Matthew
School Council: Elliot, Jessica, Emily, Jack, Matthew



Our rewards

Children earn rewards for their SEAM.


  • One Cobble can be earned for acts of kindness, good manners around school and a super working attitude 


  • A Double Cobble can be earned for going the extra mile, that extra act of kindness, representing school in such a brilliant way, extra effort with learning 


  • A Triple Cobble is awarded by the Headteacher for outstanding acts and effort 

Double Cobbles and Triple Cobbles are celebrated by displaying pupils' names on their SEAM board and being acknowledged in a Friday assembly.


Upper Key Stage 2 Roles


All our pupils in KS2 have a role to fulfill to support the school community and to help them achieve their JASS Award. At the beginning of the school year roles are advertised, pupils apply for their chosen role and are interviewed by Senior Leadership, just like in the real world of work. Children receive appropriate training and arrange rotas.

Children relish these roles and our younger children love to take part in the additional activities.



Play Leaders
Play Leaders

HEAD Overseers


I am Head Overseer Zoe.  I am proud to have been chosen for this role.  I feel that it is a very important job, and one that I feel very proud to have been chosen for.  I enjoy being at Kippax North a lot.   I will be ‘meeting and greeting’  visitors and new people to school with Dylan, who is also Head Overseer.  I will also have to thank people on behalf of school for things that they have done for us.  I enjoy helping people, both adults and children, and this will be a great opportunity for me.  I am interested in going horse riding, and looking after my pet dog Jerry.  I  love my lessons, because I want to be a teacher when I am older, because I love helping and being with children.  I have only got this year left at Kippax North.  I am determined to try my best at doing my jobs, and making it successful for me and all the SEAMs.



I am Head Overseer Dylan.  When I found out that I had been chosen for this role, I felt so proud.  I know that it is a responsible role, but I will try my hardest to be a good representative for my school.   I think that Zoe and I will make a good team.  I like meeting people, so ‘meeting and greeting’ will be something that I will have to do – but I love that!  Sometimes I will have to thank people, and speak in assemblies.  I enjoy playing football and also drama. In the future I am hoping to join the Royal Navy and serve my country.  I am interested in the Titanic and finding out information from World War 2.  Like Zoe, this is my last year at Kippax North.  I have always enjoyed school, and am looking forward to doing a great job for the benefit of us all.


F1 and F2 Buddies
F1 and F2 Buddies
Digital Leaders
Digital Leaders