Kippax North Primary School

Aims of Our School


Kippax North Primary School aims to enable all young people to become;

Successful learners by:

- Ensuring a curriculum that provides young people with the best possible learning opportunities and experiences in conjunction with the National Priorities for Education-Encouraging all pupils to reach their full potential, thereby raising standards and attainment at an appropriate rate-Promoting and recognising achievement and excellence-Enabling all pupils to enjoy the highest quality learning experiences by fostering a positive attitude to their learning-Ensuring that all pupils are encouraged to demonstrate good behaviour, self discipline and a respect for others

Confident individuals by:

- Providing effective support to enable personal achievement-Ensuring a safe and secure environment for all pupils-Promoting an ethos of social inclusion and equality-Encouraging all pupils to be involved in and express their opinions about their education-Promoting a healthy lifestyle for all pupils

Responsible citizens by:

- Equipping pupils with the core skills, attitudes and expectations required to prosper in a changing society-Encouraging creativity, curiosity, ambition and enthusiasm for lifelong learning-Encouraging entrepreneurial experiences which will foster development of skills and competencies in working with others-Encouraging tolerance of diversity-Involving pupils in events to support those less fortunate than themselves

Effective contributors by:

- Encouraging links to organisations within and out of school-Promoting effective partnerships between pupils, parents, carers, and the wider community-Ensuring that all pupils realise that they have an important part to play in the life and work of their school-Creating and solving problems independently and collaboratively in a climate of mutual trust and respect for others

Kippax North... We are Aiming High!


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